The Adventures of Stevie & Stu

Read all about the adventures of Stevie and Stu on their Blue Parrot journey…


Its Saturday night! A wedding in the heart of Glasgow: This is going to be a good night. I’m still buzzing from last night’s corporate function. However there is no rest for the best! This is my usual weekend and it never gets old. The room is set and I can’t wait to get the party started.

I’m flanked on either side by my best mates in the whole world; Stevie and Stu. These guys are always there by my side and I know they will never let me down. Sadly we lost Susie last night. It’s a long story involving a pint of sticky cider! She received the best care when we got home but she’s a professional and refuses to be seen again until she is as perfect as possible. We’ll miss her but the show must go on. The rest of the team are here and ready to put on another amazing show. John winks at me just as the lights go down. He’s been around longer than any of us but you’d never know.  We receive the best care there is, it’s near impossible to make assumptions about any of us and our length of time in the business.

The lights continue to fade and it’s our time to welcome the bride and groom into the room. Their beaming faces are a sight to behold as the music kicks in. As they dance the first few bars of their song as man and wife the crowd smile and happily sway to the beat. Soon the gasps from the crowd can be heard; this is not unusual. ‘Wow would you look at that’ and ‘that’s really something so special, what a difference it makes’ These are compliments we receive at almost every outing, whether it be corporate, wedding, party or prom. We can’t help but be noticed; it’s our job and we are the best in the business.

The night is now in full swing. Louie is currently suffering the wrath of an overzealous 3 year-old who is relentlessly stomping on him over and over again. He’s made of tough stuff and headaches are par for the course. Once we get home he will be given the VIP treatment we have come to know and love so much. Rosa is twinkling with delight at the young couple barley moving, entwined in a loving embrace, delighted to be part of their romantic moment. As the night goes on we are treated to an array of old classics and new music alike. We all take a collective deep breath and brace ourselves for the ensuing pandemonium as ‘Boom shake the room’ causes every person within earshot to descend upon us at once. We wouldn’t have it any other way and this is just one of the many highlights of our night.

As things begin to draw to a close the father of the bride has one more dance with his little girl. He tells her again just how beautiful she is and that she makes him prouder every day. I’m personally quite touched when he comments on now understanding that ‘you get what you pay for indeed’ while nodding in approval at us. These little acknowledgments of appreciation are why people continue to put their events: be them large or small in us time and time again.

We are all exhausted when the boys come to pick us up. Tino and Stefan are a welcome sight as they carefully begin to place us carefully into our transportation home. The have clearly had a busy night themselves and seem a little tired too. However we know we are safe in their capable hands. Once we arrive home we are carefully inspected to make sure we haven’t sustained any injuries. We are given a welcome rub down to freshen us up before being tucked in for the night. Tomorrow we will receive our industrial strength massage and cleansing regime. Tonight though; it’s time to rest.

Susie smiles at me affectionately from the safety of her sick bed; clearly sad to have missed out on the fun.  She’ll be back to her best by the end of the week. As will we all. We are taken such good care of and are extremely lucky to be where we are. Not everyone can say they are so fortunate. I’ve a cousin; Stan. He was born on the same day as me, we grew up together but along the way we got separated. He’s now being sent out to do nothing but disappoint people every weekend. He’s being advertised as ‘the best’ but not being treated that way at all. He hasn’t had a health check in years and the last time I saw him, sadly when I was sent out with the rest of my team to save the function he was part of letting down, he looked awful. He’s been devalued, mistreated and hired out at ridiculously reduced rates. Promising people the world and then disappointing them when he turns up unable to fulfil his task. It’s heart breaking and no fault of his own. He’s being ‘cared for’ by people looking to make a quick buck, with no staff or reputation to keep. If they fail they simple run away. And old Stan is left to wither. It saddens me deeply.

That’s why every night I smile and thank my lucky stars that I’m a Blue Parrot Dance Floor: looked after by people who know exactly what they are doing. Who are dedicated to making me the best version of myself I can be. Who don’t de-value you me by making me work for less than I’m worth. Feeling truly blessed as I nod off, surrounded by my Blue Parrot brothers and sisters.

A visual of our journey tonight….

Lewis Ferguson