Red Hot Ball - Catherine McEwan Foundation

When we were approached by the committee at the Catherine McEwan Foundation, who created the Red Hot Ball approximately 8 years ago raising funds for Crohns & Colitis, we were asked how we could help enhance what had already proved to be a successful event.

We had a number of event decor products that we knew would help to elevate the look of the room and provide guests with a memorable experience of an evening packed with high end entertainment.

The word experience was significant as 8 years on , chairman Derek McEwan explains:

“ Over the last 8 years we have worked alongside Greg and the team at The Blue Parrot Events Group in creating an experience for our guests. Our supporters at our dinners have followed and supported our work for a number of years and each year we have looked to enhance the event experience and engage with our audience to ultimately provide them with an evening that makes them look forward to attending the following year.

When we initially engaged with Blue Parrot we saw that they valued long term relationships and building towards a sustained level of income generation for our charity. We both took a long term approach to our events which has ultimately seen us build a themed event experience that we believe is one of the hottest tickets of the year on the social and fundraising calendar”

When I first met Derek 8 years ago, he was already running a successful event which had seen repeat sales year on year . Derek could have easily assumed that support would always be there. What I love about Derek, is that he believes in long term, sustained investment in his events. Whether it be adding to his entertainment, theming his events or creating talking points throughout the night in added value experiences, Derek sees the value in organically growing his events with supporters looking forward to seeing what he has planned each year.

Ticket sales are often the most challenging aspect of running any event, charitable or not. It’s imperative in today’s dinner market that you offer the consumer event experiences that they want to share socially or through word of mouth. Social engagement is one of the most influential ways of marketing your event and if you can do this successfully pre, post and on the night itself you are half way there in ensuring repeat visits the following year.

In January 2019 we rebranded and launched two new brands, Social Jungle and Bid_in Scotland. Working alongside our Event Art team, all 3 brands were represented at the Red Hot Ball this year through their Greatest Showman themed event.

We supplied and controlled all of our event theming products which included LED themed table centres, room draping, table linen, chair covers, LED dance floor and innovative Greatest Showman props. Our Social Jungle brand delivered our new Social Mosaic product, creating social engagement and marketing opportunities whilst our Bid_in brand delivered the silent auction.

The growth of our company and its services have mirrored the growth of the Red Hot Ball and being able to provide these added services to the foundation has seen them add value to their event experience within budget by utilising our three brand services.


Check out the Red Hot Ball 2019 showreel here:

Samin Miar