What is Bid_In?

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Bid_In : the way to raise more!

Bid_In was founded in 2017 by Blue Parrot Events Group because we noticed there was a gap in the silent auction industry. In this time we have helped Scottish charities raise over £800,000.

Having worked with the largest corporations and charities for more than 20 years, the goal was simple: to help charities raise more money at their events.


What is Bid_In?

To put into simple words, Bid-in Scotland provides silent auction technology for your event.  All auction items are displayed on an ipad and guests can peruse and place bids.  We are a Scottish based company and we pride ourselves on building relationships and working with the client to ensure their auction raises as much money as possible. 

We would work with you before the event and build the website with you and then take care of everything at the event to allow you to focus on the other details.  We would then ensure all money is paid by prize winners and aim to have this in your account 30 days after your event.

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How does it work?

The Bid_In silent auction technology is a state-of-the-art engaging system. Rather than just a text-based auction, everything is picture based, meaning it not only looks amazing but also draws guests’ attention to prizes and thus generates more bids. It also eliminates the need to have the actual prizes at the venue, as guests see exactly what they are bidding on through the device itself.

A leader board can be projected in real time on big screens, but bids are also broken down next to each prize on the ipads to generate competitiveness and keep guests bidding.

Items such as raffle tickets can be purchased and paid for directly through the device with our ‘Buy It Now’ option - eliminating the need for staff with card machines and allowing guests who may not have cash on them to participate.

The technology also allows secure payments to be made for auction prizes directly on the device when the auction ends. This means guests can pay from their seat rather than having to queue at a payment desk or be found by a member of staff, so their enjoyment of the evening is not disrupted.

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How is Bid-In different from other competitors?

We are Scottish based and can have face to face meetings for event preparation and our fees are very transparent.  We only have an account fee (no hidden charges).

We can also offer a prize catalogue but there is no obligation to take any prizes. 100% of the prize profit always goes to the charity.

We have worked with many companies and charities and our portfolio includes, Microsoft, British Airways, Marie Curie and The Catherine Mcewan Foundation to name a few…

Watch some highlights in the video below from when the British Airways used Bid_In to raise more!: