Say hello to our 20 new table centres!

Table centres are the one thing that will transform your event! Putting a decoration in the middle of the table has been popular since medieval times when people first started getting together for dinner. It brings a theme or idea to the position on the table that is always in the line of sight of every guest. Since the 1970s, table centres have evolved from simple bunches of balloons and candelabras to what they are today. Radio DMX technology now alters the colours and brightness from any lighting desk, making table centres an essential part of any lighting display. Here at Event Art Scotland we work with our Table Art team who are the world leaders in radio controlled, lit table centres. We are always keen to bring new designs and experiences to the middle of dining tables all over the world. In this blog we will introduce to you, 20 new table centres which you can now hire from our Event Art team.

Organic balloon table centre.jpg

1. Organic Balloon Table centre.

Introducing the Organic Balloon Table Centre, a mesmerizing combination of delicate acrylic spheres with opulent balloons. Following the incredible success of our Confetti Balloons, we wanted to develop the motif further and incorporate the trend for organic balloon displays. The result was the captivating design that can be customised right down to the choice of colours.

Pair this incredible design with our Organic Balloon Displays and be sure to make your event one to remember! By drawing in the company colours, the display can be on brand as well as being super chic.

Ice pyramid table centre.jpg

2. Ice Pyramid Table centre.

The Ice Pyramid is a glacial beauty that is sure to be a hit with clients looking to bring their brand to the forefront of their event. A combination of both carved ice and hand crafted acrylic, you can simply add your logo to all four sides of this centrepiece. The culmination of months of development from the design team and the determination of our MD, the Ice Pyramid is the latest design to offer branding for your next event.

Nothing says decadence quite like an Ice Sculpture at the heart of every table and so you would be surprised to read that our Ice Pyramid is one of most cost effective designs!

Floating star table centre .jpg

3. Floating Star Table centre

Introducing our Floating Star table centre, a magical addition to our ever growing Star range of centrepieces. A glistening star appears to float in mid-air, dancing in the luminous table art light. Ideal for both a festive celebration and a corporate awards function, this elegant edition to the Table Art collection is a versatile choice for event planners.

Halloween skull table centre.jpg

4. Halloween skull Table centre

Something that began as a small house party for the kids with apple bobbing and a couple of ghost stories has become the second biggest event on the calendar after Christmas. Give your guests a good dose of the heeby geebies with our Ghostly Candelabrasdressed with cobwebs, or set the hairs on end with our wicked Steampunk Copper Lamps.

Christmas ribbon table centre.jpg

5. Christmas ribbon Table centre

The Christmas Ribbon is the perfect gift for your festive soirée. With a vivid red ribbon on the heart of every table, a sombre corporate atmosphere will give way to a high-spirited evening worthy of Santa and his elves. A whimsical mash up of the modern and traditional, the Christmas Ribbon marries our popular Full Moon centre with a crimson bow!

Avoid the same old Christmas styling and create something new, modern and magical.

Frosted branchlet.jpg

6. Frosted branchlet Table centre

An intricate weave of pearly twigs, the Frosted Branchlet offers a minimalist approach to those looking to host an event this Winter. This genteel floral arrangement offers a clean and modern style to any table layout.

7. Winter tree Table centre

With it’s frosted branches and ghostly silhouette, the majesty of a Winter Woodland is brought to your table with this Winter Tree centrepiece. For those looking to step away from the traditional festive decorations, this Winter Tree is a contemporary alternative.

winter tree table centre..jpg

Juke box table centre.jpg

8. Jukebox Table centre

Guests will be quick to don their blue suede boots and dance to the jailhouse rock when you select the Jukebox centrepiece. Our latest table centre from the design studio, the team were keen to bring to life a true icon of the fifties and it looks an absolute vision when lit in vivid pinks and greens. With delicate etched detailing,you can’t be helped from falling in love with this melody maker.

Why not consider a Grease themed event? The fifties musical makes the perfect backdrop to a lively party. Think vintage diners, Cadillac’s and sky high milkshakes!

Asian umbrella table centre.jpg

9. Asian umbrella Table centre

Influenced by the exoticism of Bollywood Cinema, our design studio has released the Asian Umbrellacentrepiece. Illuminating an original Indian umbrella, which has been hand embroidered by craftspeople in the finest detail. These vibrant parasols will inject a real sense of colour into your event, a welcome addition to a corporate event or a bohemian wedding.

Candlestick low table centre.jpg

10. Candlestick low Table centre

If you are looking to capture the romance of the classic Candlestick design but concerned about lines of vision, then this low level version of our Candlestick would be a great choice. With it’s hyper-realistic flicking candle, a more intimate atmosphere is created, a world away from your standard corporate affair.

This centrepieces is the perfect addition to a Hollywood themed event.

Tall candlestick table centre.jpg

11. Candlestick tall Table centre

Following the success of the Table Art Candelabra, we wanted to offer an alternative that was still a twist on the traditional. The Candlestick was crafted, with it’s familiar silhouette and yet thoroughly modern look- this centrepiece is now rivaling the Candelabra in it’s popularity. Ornate in it’s detailing, yet narrow in stature to ensure your guests line of vision isn’t effected.

Windsor Candelabra table centre.jpg

12. Windsor candelabra Table centre

Ladies and Gentleman, let us introduce the splendid Windsor Candelabra. A slim-line model of a Classic Candelabra, it’s narrow silhouette is mirrored with tapered candles. With those candles possessing a hyper-realistic flickering effect, a romantic light is set across each table. This effortlessly elegant design is sure to be a hit across a spectrum of events, but particularly weddings and masquerade balls.

Hurricane lamp table centre.jpg

13. Hurricane lamp Table centre

Whether it’s a Moulin Rouge inspired fancy or a decadent Twenties party, the Hurricane Lamp is a versatile choice of table centre. This stylish centrepiece will illuminate the tables with a hyper realistic candle flicking on a bed of sparkling crystals.

Step away from a traditional floral arrangement for your wedding and opt for a Table Art  centrepiece. This romantic design would be an elegant addition and would make your Wedding stand out from the rest.

Pixel string star table centre.jpg

14. Pixel string Table centre

The development of the Pixel Tubedesign continues, with boundless variations, and the Pixel String Star is another example of how multi-faceted the pixel tube can be. With the Star motif being a popular emblem of Awards across the country, the Pixel String Star was a natural progression. This new concept is the latest design being introduced to our Star Collection – our most technologically advanced addition yet!

Martini vase with blossom..jpg

15. Martini vase with blossoms Table centre

A leading choice for corporate events, the Martini Glass is timeless in every sense of the word. The classic silhouette can be adorned in a variety of ways to suit any theme, from a Festive arrangement to compliment a Christmas theme to a 007 logo for the Bond Loving event planner! We have added blossoms to this one which would be suitable for weddings too.

The Martini can even be customised to feature elements of your company logo, which is certain to ensure a strong sense of brand to the proceedings.

Fairground carousel table centre.jpg

16. Fairground carousel Table centre

Come one, Come All, Step right up and join the Circus! With big top styling, our Fairground Carousel centrepiece is the latest design to come out of the design studio. With a state of the art rotator with full DMX control, this is a truly showstopping addition to ta circus themed party. Exquisite carousel horses are suspended under a red and white big top, and rotate slowly on a decorative plinth.

Recapture the magic of your first trip to the circus and channel the nostalgia into a circus themed event.

Dragonfly tiffany lamp table centre.jpg

17. Dragonfly tiffany lamp Table centre

Our most colourful choice from the Tiffany Collection, the design studio proudly introduces the Dragonfly Tiffany lamp. With its whimsical dragonfly motif, it’s a truly unique choice for those looking for a bohemian design to brighten up their tables. Channelling the mystique of the pre-raphaelite classics and all the decadence of a Twenties cabaret lamp, you have the best of both worlds with the versatile design.

Step away from the usual floral arrangements of a wedding table centre and opt for this  quirky, eccentric and gloriously bohemian design.

rotating cake table centre.jpg

18. Rotating cake Table centre

The ultimate table centre for a Birthday Party, our Rotating Cake Table Centreis a real showstopper! A two tier design with a third optional tier for the rotator, each layer can be decorated to your specifications- from Birthday messages to an event theme or motif. Lit from above, this is a wonderfully whimsical design that is sure to get guests talking.

Cricket wicket table centre.jpg

19. Cricket wicket Table centre

Bowling a winner with our Cricket Wicket centrepiece! Whether you are taking over a cricket ground for your event, or just a sports enthusiasts, the design studios latest creation is the one for you! With it’s instantly recognisable silhouette featuring the wicket, bat and ball – this table art design is perfect for your sports themed tables.

Basketball table centre.jpg

20. Basketball stand Table centre

Following the success of our Football table centerpieces at some high profile events, we have expanded the theme to include other sports. Basketball is ever growing in popularity and our elegant centrepieces will enhance your sporting event with style.

These table centres can be lit in the colour of your choice or controlled wirelessly via DMX for amazing lighting effects, and even decorated with your club’s ball of choice. 

Samin Miar