'Oor Andy'

‘Oor Andy’ - ‘Oor Wullie’s’ BIG Bucket Trail

By now many of you will already have spotted these fascinating sculpture’s all over Scotland. Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail runs for 11 weeks from 17th June 2019 – 30th August 2019, culminating in a series of Farewell Events and nationwide auctions in each of the five host cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

We decided, in line with our re-brand in Jan 2019, that we wanted to develop our CSR and support a number of good causes. In doing so we decided to support a number of charities whilst adopting The Kilbryde Hospice as our charity of the year partner. This year we were delighted to get involved in the Oor Wullie trail supporting both Glasgow Children’s hospital in the West through our Event Art brand and Edinburgh Children’s hospital in the East of Scotland through our Social Jungle Brand. The trail is a fantastic way to engage both our clients and our friends and family in getting involved in what will be a fun way for us all to raise money for these fantastic charities. The ‘Oor Wullie’ that we have sponsored here in Glasgow with all proceeds going to Glasgow Children’s Hospital is ‘Oor Andy’.

Following the launch of the ‘Oor Wullie’ Big Bucket Trail we decided to interview the artist behind the ‘Oor Andy’ sculpture designed to celebrate Sir Andy Murray.

Born in Czech Republic, Adam is a professional mural artist whose brush of choice is an airbrush. In 2018 Adam was involved in several public art trails, creating ‘SuperBee’ and ‘SummerBee’ for ‘Bee in the City’ in Manchester, ‘A City is Built on Wisdom’ for Hoodwinked in Nottingham and ‘Five Gold Rings’ for ‘Walking with the Snowman’ in Salford.  

Whilst Wall Murals predominate Adam’s work, you will find his work on many medium including the more traditional canvas to Bespoke suitcases! Realism and detail is at the centre of his work and he pores over books on Michelangelo and has always been influenced by the groundbreaking, surreal work of H.R Giger and Dali.

How did you get involved with this project? 

This project is my 4th Wild In Art project I was involved with and I hope to be involved in many more. As like with all the others, I get involved by submitting an online application with my design idea and because 90% of my work is working to a clients specification, I find these projects very suitable for me. Also, after seening an Oor Wullie sculpture I knew I wanted to paint one!


Why did you choose to paint Andy Murray? 

My design was inspired by the recent announcement by Sir Andy Murray of his anticipated retirement through injury. I reflected on his career and his role as a Scotsman, and a national inspiration. Sir Andy Murray does a lot of charity work including supporting several NHS Causes, Make a Wish Foundation and many more and this is just another reason which makes him a bit of a hero in my eyes. 


How was your experience throughout this project?

I loved being involved with Wild In Art projects, I always find it to be an amazing atmosphere working among other artist which create such good vibes as well as meeting fellow artists and making friends. I found the Oor Wullie team very helpful and they did make sure I had everything I needed throughout the time I was working on this project.

As this was my 6th sculpture in last year, I always have a plan of action which I follow step by step, however working on this type of project is a bit more difficult because you are working on a 3 dimensional object and it can be tricky when you are translating your 2D design on to it. Needless to say I loved working on it regardless.

See more of Adam’s incredible designs here: 

Facebook – @Inkversionmurals

Twitter – @pekrart

Instagram – @inkversion

To find out more about the ‘Oor wullie’ BIG Bucket Trail please visit: oorwullie.com/