The evolution of table centres.

Event art scotland

Table centres at events have evolved over the years from a time where the options were limited to flowers or candles.  When we introduced the worlds only wireless lit DMX LED table centre to our range, through partners, Table Art Scotland, we perhaps didn’t appreciate what was to follow.

Over 140 designs later and the use of a mixture of materials, we are now known as Scotland’s leading table centre supplier, supplying to throughout the country and beyond. With our Table Art head office based in the midlands, we also have branches in Dubai, France and Germany and have developed the way in which people look at decorating the centre of their tables.

LED table centres

Taking unique lit table centres to the next level.

Lit table centres aren’t new, candlelight and coloured LED lighting has been popular for some time, however, our DMX lit table centres can be programmed through our innovative technology and software which allows us to control the table centres lighting. We can create colour patterns throughout the room or highlight tables who for example have won an award. We can also highlight sponsors tables at charity dinners.


Mixing up our materials.

We wanted to create and design table centres that would last the test of time. We wanted to make them in an eco-friendly way and in a way in which they could be transported efficiently by our team. All our designs are built to pack down and carried in flight cases ensuring that they can be built by a minimum number of staff thus keeping our costs competitive and in line with our client’s budgets. Traditionally we have worked predominately with acrylic, however, of late we have experimented with wood, copper and reclaimed plastics ensuring a high level of sophistication to every one of our designs.

2019-02-21 01-176.jpg

Taking themes seriously.

Blue Parrot have become the country’s leading theming experts. Our table centres can be complimented with products from our Event Art range which amplifies themes in a fully immersive and experiential way. For Hollywood we have giant rotating Hollywood film reels to accompany our film reel table centres. For Circus our much talked about Giant elephant which is part of our unique Dream Circus concept is a popular add on for anyone bring the greatest showman or a traditional circus to town. We love to create unique and new ideas, so even if we don’t have a prop or product for your theme, challenge our designers and see what we can produce for you

Reinventing Event styles.

We are passionate about changing the way in which people theme their events. It’s all about event experiences. Give your audience something to enjoy, savour and share. Once we speak with clients about their chosen theme or thoughts, we work closely with them to not only create an immersive experience for guests, but one which will have them creating content that they will share, engaging with friends and family and spreading the awareness of the event itself. We build relationships when and assist clients ensuring that their event is a future sell-out.


Branding your event table centres.

Our lit table centres all come with fully brandable boxes allowing clients to have their company logo’s present on the table centre itself. Many clients also use this space to promote sponsors and to promote future events.

We have immortalised logos in ice and have a brand-new branded globe table centres in which we can add logos within the design.

Want to illuminate your event and take your event styling to the next level? Give us a call on 01355 521325 and we will be delighted to assist you or email