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Experiential Marketing

Having dealt with many different client situations, we recognized the need for quick turnaround high quality props and displays. We mix talent with automation to offer our clients an unrivalled service.

Our in- house production department design and build to customers’ requirements. Our client base is typically made up of  creative and communications agencies, Blue chip businesses and event management companies, all of whom may require custom builds or short term hires.

Our team consists of prop builders, poly sculptors, joiners, welders, experts in fibre glass, artists and designers. With these skills, anything is possible.


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Gone are the days of standard marketing practices, it is now about the customer journey and their personal experience with your brand. This is where experiential marketing and Social Jungel come in.

We can create experiences in any space - from shopping centres to country parks and all of the football stadiums and exhibition areas in between.



Custom Builds


Social Jungle has its own in house welding and fabrication shop, tooled with fully automated CNC technology. We can design, modify and style vehicles for marketing and display purposes.

Our metal shop allows us to do all metal fabrication, as well as allowing us  to integrate structural elements into our props seamlessly. Within our workshop, we have the capability to engineer moving and animated props for various productions.


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Staffing Activations


Our enthusiastic team of ‘Jungle Activators’, have unrivalled passion for creating a buzz around your brand. We work with all sizes of clients from nationwide brands, to small local businesses to promote your message and engage consumers. We assist a number of marketing agencies and events companies to assist in making their brand stand out from the crowd. Whether you need staff for a single event or for complex, multiple location promotions, we can help.



Social Jungle

The best way to spread word about your brands story is to capture a personal picture of your customer and let them spread the word for you, taking them and their own followers on a journey with your brand. We put the power of word of mouth in the consumers hands through our dedicated social media platforms, built specifically for a number of different client bases.

We work closely with large brands and venues such as restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, Car showrooms, Hairdressers, Beauty salons, medical and dental clinics across the country in promoting their business the social way.

Want to see how mighty the jungle can be?

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