From standard pictures to 3D Virtual Reality, or machines are simply packed to the brim with new and exciting features. Here’s how our machines break down:

  • You can choose the layout and style of your pictures on screen. Our creative team will help you to create your own custom design for your images and make sure that you’re happy to get snapping!

  • GIFs are quickly becoming very popular and that’s why we’ve included it in our software. Our software gets to work capturing high quality images and piecing them together into a seamless video that you can share with friends and the rest of the World.

  • With specially designed filters that help to add a bit of glam or wow factor to your images, we made sure to have plenty of them on hand to choose from.

  • Our video recording captures everything with complete clarity with our Full HD cameras, letting clients and guest leave a video either for the organiser or for a bit of fun on the night.