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About Us

The Blue Parrot Company was established in 2006. Since then we have been setting trends, creating experiences and bringing new products to the market that shaped the events industry in Scotland and continue to do so year on year.

Our history saw us become the preferred supplier to a number of wedding venues across the country and gradually we became the preferred supplier to a number of corporate clients throughout the UK.

We are a eclectic, dynamic, creative team who enjoy using light, sound, interactive props and experiential products to create memorable experiences that will leave guests talking long after an event has taken place.

In 2018, as our business diversified and we added further event brands and services, we felt it was time to restructure and freshen our company branding. The addition of our event brands such as Bid_in and Social Jungle saw the creation of Event Art, a brand that brings together all of our hire products together under the roof of what is now known as The Blue Parrot Events Group Ltd.

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Hire Range

Event Art brings together a collection of innovative DMX Lit table centres, unique themed and contemporary furniture, imaginative props and creative digital products together to create truly memorable event experiences. We are passionate of doing things differently and working with our clients to make their events stand out from the crowd. 


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